Back in Sydney!

April 7th, 2007 by Ross

I#ve made it back to Sydney and the ride is over. Hurrah!
Script Problems and other issues
There hasn’t appeared to be too many updates in a while. Well fear not they did exist but my ISP machine died just hours after all my hard work typing and the backups did not contain the latest information. In addition my synchronisation script was not perfect and due to a server move when I was synching I killed all my local data. Slowly trying to fix things…

Turning back.

April 4th, 2007 by Ross

Royal N.P. Escarpment

My last night on the road I stayed in a place called Stanwell Park, just north of Bully. I’d planned on camping back up the escarpment in Royal National Park but I couldn’t make it up the hill. 400 metres of elevation gain in just a few kilometres was too much for me and my tired legs. 14% is a difficult gradient without the extra weight I was carrying, this evening it was impossible, a sad moment.
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You did that why?

April 4th, 2007 by Ross

A warning to heed?

140km left to get to Sydney. One day of riding, follow parallel to the highway and I’d get there by late afternoon all going well. After all this time the finish though wasn’t such an appealing prospect. Another day in the saddle seemed like a good idea, the traffic was getting heavy and I wanted to get away from it so I took some diversions. Instead I was heading east through lush greenery not north to Sydney but towards the coast and almost my doom!
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April 3rd, 2007 by Ross

Eyre Highway

Yass, Gunning, Goulburn, Marulan. The towns ticked by as I made my was over the lumpy roads, lots of long draggy climbs followed by eye watering descents. I’m being more cautious on the downhill parts, it’s only two days to Sydney and I don’t want to crash now. And by cautious I mean keeping it under 80km/h. Summer is fading now, it was pretty cold, and by the time I got to a place called Marulan in the evening it was spitting rain.
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Back to New South Wales

April 1st, 2007 by Ross

Kyeamba Gap

The towns of Albury in NSW and Wodonga in Victoria, are just separated by the ‘mighty’ Murray River. It may be the lifeblood of this part of the country but it seemed anything but mighty to me. The size of the river basin it has to draw water from is mind blowing yet in Ireland there are rivers barely a fraction of its length that are far bigger. Gives some idea of the depth of the problem, the lack of water is out here.
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The final leg starts here

March 31st, 2007 by Ross


A few days of apple picking was enough. The work was frustrating because the fruit was very small and as a result the money not too good. Not horrific like some shockers I’ve been told about but still not good. We had to strip all fruit from the trees but when most of the fruit you’re picking is not going into the bin and instead being dropped onto the ground it feels like you’re throwing money away. In addition to that nightly rain meant that we couldn’t start picking until the fruit dried to prevent bruising it. The total wage worked out at about $6 per hour. Back in town, KFC were offering $19 per hour.
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Apple picking!

March 27th, 2007 by Ross

Granny Smiths

Next day I arrived in Shepparton and went about the task of trying to find a farm to work on. I called to the harvest agency office and they delightfully told me that there was no work! Quite contrary to the phone call yesterday morning. Your own transport is essential out here, there are no hostels and they don’t collect from the camping grounds like in some other places. Still after getting phone numbers of some possibilities I pestered one woman into letting me pitch the tent at the farm.
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Finding more Harvest work

March 26th, 2007 by Ross

Quiet road north

After finally securing decent information about work I left Melbourne towards Shepparton about 200km straight north. It’s not on the planned route to Sydney but I need work and this is where I’ll secure the work to extend my visa so I can come back in the future and do the whole work/travel thing all over again. Victoria is pretty well populated so there were plenty of different routes out of the city, I was spoilt for choice.
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March 13th, 2007 by Ross

From the Great Ocean Road I headed north through Geelong to Melbourne. I didn’t stay any time in Geelong, just a quick ride into the town centre and along the waterfront before I continued on along the freeway past some pretty non-descript scenery before arriving at the city limits.
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Great Ocean Road

March 12th, 2007 by Ross

After leaving all the attractions on the Warnambool side, the road wound its way up into the Otway Mountains leaving the coast behind for a while. It’s a very sudden change, one minute you’re riding along windswept coastal cliffs, then you crest a hill and it becomes sheltered forest valleys. The respite from the wind was very welcome.
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