Why Australia and why by bike?

July 14th, 2006 by Ross

When people hear what I want to do the most common reaction is muttering about being crazy and shaking their head. People ask why I would want to do this to myself so here are a few reasons...

Why not? I like riding my bike, I like traveling and I want to see Australia. What better way to see it than by bike! Australia is probably the easiest place for me to make a trip like this. It's an modern english speaking country so if I do get into difficulties, language will not be an issue. Any parts and equipment I may need I can source there relatively easily. Thanks to the working holiday visa I can work legally to finance my trip if (and when) my reserves run dry. So from that viewpoint what I'm doing is 'safe'.

Australia is also a country of vast emptiness. It is similar in size to the U.S.A. with only a tiny fraction of the population and most of that is on the east coast. The rest is wilderness where there can be gaps of hundreds of kilometers between settlements - and thats on the highways. Sounds exciting!

On bike I get to go where I like and at my own pace. I won't need to rely on public transport, no waiting for buses, rushing to catch planes, trying to hitch a lift. If I see someplace I like I can stop or pack up and get the hell out of there if not!