Numbers from the ride

April 5th, 2007 by Ross

For all the stat. whores out there.

Days in Australia.263
Days riding bike.137
Total distance covered.17876 km
Shortest daily riding distance.31.74 km
Longest daily riding distance.237.49 km
Fastest Speed.98.7 km/h (82.2 km/h fully loaded)
Worn Tyres.4
Lowest Temperature.-6°
Highest Temperature.48°

Day 1Sydney to Putty173.08 km
Day 2Putty to Scone151.35 km
Day 3Scone to Gowrie105.83 km
Day 4Gowrie to Uralla118.26 km
Day 5Uralla to Armidale31.74 km
Day 6Armidale to Dorrigo131.65 km
Day 7Dorrigo to Coffs Harbour71.35 km
Day 8Coffs Harbour to Yamba138.19 km
Day 9Yamba to Byron Bay130.48 km
Day 10Byron Bay to Brisbane199.16 km
Day 11Brisbane to Noosa (Gagaju Bushcamp)165.93 km
Day 12Noosa to Gunalda93.03 km
Day 13Gunalda to Hervey Bay106.62 km
Day 14Hervey Bay to Granite Creek190.96 km
Day 15Granite Creek to Mount Larcom134.13 km
Day 16Mount Larcom to Marlborough182.14 km
Day 17Marlborough to Carmilla134.14 km
Day 18Carmilla to Mount Ossa157.17 km
Day 19Mount Ossa to Airlie Beach117.71 km
Day 20Airlie Beach to Bowen92.41 km
Day 21Bowen to Guri148.31 km
Day 22Guri to Rollingstone102.00 km
Day 23Rollingstone to El Arish172.23 km
Day 24El Arish to Cairns130.98 km
Day 25Cairns to Kuranda117.06 km
Day 26Cairns to Atherton112.45 km
Day 27Atherton to Ravenshoe86.54 km
Day 28Ravenshoe to 40 Mile Scrub110.98 km
Day 2940 Mile Scrub to Mount Surprise110.84 km
Day 30Mount Surprise to Croydon237.49 km
Day 31Croydon to Normanton190.34 km
Day 32Normanton to Burke & Wills172.63 km
Day 33Burke & Wills to Cloncurry182.18 km
Day 34Cloncurry to Mount Isa129.92 km
Day 35Mount Isa to Camooweal183.42 km
Day 36Camooweal to Wumara166.73 km
Day 37Wumara to Barkly Tablelands147.38 km
Day 38Barkly Tablelands to Tennants Creek162.41 km
Day 39Tennants Creek to Devils Marbles106.82 km
Day 40Devils Marbles to Threeways138.31 km
Day 41Threeways to Banka Banka77.83 km
Day 42Banka Banka to Renner Springs57.17 km
Day 43Renner Springs to Newcastle Waters117.06 km
Day 44Newcastle Waters to Daly Waters122.33 km
Day 45Daly Waters to Mattaranka170.39 km
Day 46Mattaranka to Katherine106.58 km
Day 47Katherine to Pine Creek93.61 km
Day 48Pine Creek to Murdugal (Kakadu National Park)174.45 km
Day 49Murdugal to Nourlangie79.93 km
Day 50Nourlangie to Aurora Kakadu Resort96.24 km
Day 51Aurora Kakadu to Corroboree130.82 km
Day 52Corroboree to Humpty Doo68.00 km
Day 53Humpty Doo to Darwin to Humpty Doo117.36 km
Day 54Humpty Doo to Darwin62.45 km
Day 55Darwin to Humpty Doo58.73 km
Day 56Humpty Doo to Noonamah28.14 km
Day 57Noonamah to Pine Creek183.92 km
Day 58Pine Creek to Katherine91.36 km
Day 58Katherine to Victoria River191.48 km
Day 60Victoria River to Random bush camping146.92 km
Day 61Random bush camping to Kununurra168.45 km
Day 62Kununurra to Warmun (Turkey Creek)196.39 km
Day 63Warmun to Halls Creek161.87 km
Day 64Halls Creek to Old Mary River106.61 km
Day 65Mary River to Fitzroy Crossing130.82 km
Day 66Fitzroy Crossing to Boab tree campsite155.57 km
Day 67Boab tree to Willare73.52 km
Day 68Willare to Broome164.58 km
Day 69Broome to Nita Downs213.14 km
Day 70Nita Downs to Sandfire105.05 km
Day 71Sandfire to Pardoo136.26 km
Day 72Pardoo to Port Headland168.61 km
Day 73Port Headland to Roebourne200.09 km
Day 74Roebourne to Fortescue River135.33 km
Day 75Fortescue River to Ashburton River161.01 km
Day 76Ashburton River to Giralia144.07 km
Day 77Giralia to Exmouth221.91 km
Day 78Cape Range to Coral Bay223.74 km
Day 79Coral Bay to River Bed64.73 km
Day 80River Bed to Carnarvon169.88 km
Day 81Cararvon to Wooramel123.02 km
Day 82Wooramel to Billabong121.99 km
Day 83Billabong to Kalbarri195.47 km
Day 84Kalbarri to Geraldton150.43 km
Day 85Geraldton to Dongara71.76 km
Day 86Dongara to Leeman87.78 km
Day 87Leeman to Cervantes120.71 km
Day 88Cervantes to Reagans Ford116.78 km
Day 89Reagans Ford to Perth138.76 km
Day 90Perth to Mandurah89.82 km
Day 91Mandurah to Bunbury105.92 km
Day 92Bunbury ot Dunsborough120.76 km
Day 93Dunsborough to Margaret River57.67 km
Day 94Margaret River to Blackwood114.76 km
Day 95Blackwood to Shannon128.52 km
Day 96Shannon to Kent River126.46 km
Day 97Kent River to Albany109.83 km
Day 98Albany to Borden127.14 km
Day 99Borden to Lake Grace122.34 km
Day 100Lake Grace to Mulka's Cave160.24 km
Day 101Mulka's Cave to Yellowdine153.05 km
Day 102Yellowdine to Kalgoorlie182.54 km
Day 103Kalgoorlie to Higginsville140.56 km
Day 104Higginsville to Six Mile Rocks128.37 km
Day 105Six Mile Rocks to Balladonia111.33 km
Day 106Balladonia to Baxter114.35 km
Day 107Baxter to Cocklebiddy134.93 km
Day 108Cocklebiddy to Madura88.73 km
Day 109Madura to Mundrabilla133.04 km
Day 110Mundrabilla to Bunda Cliffs132.55 km
Day 111Bunda Cliffs to Nullarbor120.14 km
Day 112Nullarbor to Nundroo143.10 km
Day 113Nundroo to Koonbinda117.69 km
Day 114Koonbinda to Wirrulla125.27 km
Day 115Wirrulla to Minnipa89.76 km
Day 116Minnipa to Kimba130.83 km
Day 117Kimba to Port Augusta166.03 km
Day 118Port Augusta to Warnertown100.60 km
Day 119Warnertown to Dublin148.11 km
Day 120Dublin to Adelaide65.48 km
Day 121Adelaide to Murray Bridge91.98 km
Day 122Murray Bridge to Coorong82.13 km
Day 123Coorong to Kingston S.E.135.11 km
Day 124Kingston S.E. to Millicent106.67 km
Day 125Millicent to Dartmoor103.10 km
Day 126Dartmoor to Warnambool165.52 km
Day 127Warnambool to Lavers Hill99.89 km
Day 128Lavers Hill to Aireys Inlet116.90 km
Day 129Aireys Inlet to Melbourne124.79 km
Day 130Melbourne to Seymour105.36 km
Day 131Seymour to Shepparton121.81 km
Day 132Shepparton to Wondonga171.12 km
Day 133Wondonga to Kyeamba Gap110.73 km
Day 134Kyeamba Gap to Bookham149.18 km
Day 135Bookham to Marulan144.12 km
Day 136Marulan to Stanwell Park143.48 km
Day 137Stanwell Park to Sydney78.92 km