Hostel Owner from Hell!

Next morning out of Mandurah I got soaked again in a heavy downpour so feeling lazy decided to stop off early in Bunbury and call it a day. I went to the backpackers, got a bed and positioned myself in the kitchen, strategically beside the kettle so I’d have to move as little as possible and still be able to have copious amounts of tea. I reckon I was on 20 mugs before I hit the sack.

Anyway as the title suggest there was a little drama with the owner of the hostel, a pinched little woman who was tighter and more controlling than even her appearance suggested. First gripe was the internet, the charges listed on the wall were not what they charged me. Apparently even though I plugged my laptop into their router she insisted that I was using more broadband by using my own laptop. Her grasp on tech, had me laughing in her face and I didn’t feel like giving her a lesson. It was just a dollar difference but hell she should have told me first!

Then later that evening, every single person staying in the hostel – and there were just about 15 in total – were in the kitchen having a laugh and having a really good night. All of a sudden she cracks for some random reason comes in screaming at us telling us all to get to bed or be thrown out! I was mid cup of tea making but she was having none of it, I had to leave it there and go to bed. Then in the morning when I get into the kitchen she told me that she was going to keep my deposit for not cleaning up after myself as per the rules. The laugh was on her though, I didn’t pay one 🙂 I always get out of having to pay becuase I’m usually gone before the office opens in the mornings.

I still had a great time there, some of the people staying there were clearly insane but good fun. One guy in particular reckoned he was concieved in a microwave, and that his mother tried to have an abortion which he survived!

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